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Flavio Silva

“Flavio Silva's music is exciting, colourful, and full of big ideas. I love his textures, his variety, and his musical direction. There isn't a genre of film where he hasn't been able to add emotional depth and power.”
― Randolph Peters, Composer


Flávio Silva is a multi-talented musician, music composer for Film, TV, and Video-Games, and synthesizer/piano player for the Daniel Monte band. He is known for his distinct sound pallet and his emotionally driven signature style that fuses various genres like Classical, Electronic, and Rock, with a variety of tones and perspectives. Based in Toronto, Canada, he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from York University and is an active Film/Video-Game music composer and performer. Bringing his diverse and unique compositions to life, Flávio captures the essence of visualizations and transcends what is heard through the speakers, allowing the listener to experience new visual and aural peaks while tapping into the subconscious mind and seamlessly blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, Flávio developed a passion for music from a tender age and went on to establish a solid musical foundation from private lessons in piano and guitar to music theory, and from music school to achieving a BFA in Music. Gaining inspiration from modern film scores and trailers, especially Howard Shore’s score for The Lord of The Rings, propelled Flávio’s musical mind to another level. As an experienced live musician, Flávio played with many types of bands with genres ranging from Heavy Metal to Pop-Rock, and has performed to audiences at several, venues, private events, and festivals across the Greater Toronto Area, and shared the stage with reggae-fusion band Magic! and singer-songwriter Delaney Jane. Influenced by famous composers such as Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, John Powell, John Williams, and Alan Silvestri, Flávio plans to release a slew of new material and cinematic tracks on major streaming platforms, and collaborate with other musicians on a variety of projects as he continues to create and share his immaculate soundscapes, and elevate storytelling that captivates audiences.

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